Matthew's Bedroom Floor

I'm refinishing the floor in Matthew's bedroom. It looked pretty bad, but it usually has a rug hiding it. The house is at least 80 years old, and I don't think this floor has been refinished since the original lacquer was laid down. There's a stain in the wood that I wasn't able to sand out (at least without taking it down a 1/2"). Anyway, I think the floor will look better when I'm done with it.

unfinished floor unfinished floor


sanded floor

Sanded (urethane started)

first coat done first coat done

First coat finished

second coat finished second coat finished

Second coat finished

third coat (done)

Third coat finished

I probably didn't need to put a third coat down, but I had some urethane left over, and it was a nice day.

bloody finger bloody finger - close up

I don't know why I can't complete a project without shedding blood. I was wiping the floor with a rag soaked with mineral spirits. As I wiped along the edge, I didn't notice a nailhead protruding from the baseboard until it ripped open the end of my finger.