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Michael S. Trueblood

Certificate Program in GIS

I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My introduction to GIS was through the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. I'm affiliated with the 171st Air Refueling Wing (Civil Engineering Squadron). Although I'm new to GIS, I can see its value in many of the fields in which I have worked over the past 30 years. I spent 10 years as a naval officer. I was my ship's navigator for one of those years. Having information about the ports we visited and the areas in which we operated would have been very helpful in both operations planning and navigation. I also spent several years at different bases in Virginia administering service contracts and construction contracts. Again, information in a GIS database would have been very useful in developing, planning and monitoring contracts, and even in estimating contract costs and duration. I was a facilities engineer at a Department of Energy site where soil testing for low-level radiation was required before construct ion projects could be undertaken. A GIS database would have been very helpful in site selection and in the organization and maintenance of test results. At this point, I can see many practical applications of GIS, and I'm interested in exploring several of them.

Geography 482 Projects

Project 1: Plotting Coordinates and Map Projections

Project 2: Census Data and Thematic Maps

Project 3: Acquiring Geographic Data

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